Time to find a new backup service

I’ve been using SOS Online Backup for a while now. It offers unlimited backups for ~$80/year. The best part is that the backup is actually a backup. If I delete a file locally it doesn’t affect the backup. With other services such ad OneDrive or Dropbox the deletions are synced against the cloud. Delete a file locally and usually it gets deleted from the cloud.

Few days ago I received the following email from SOS Online Backup:


The email also said: We have rolled back the unlimited plans for now and are not available any more. If you are interested in your current unlimited storage plan, I suggest you take the 3 year option as you can stay on the same unlimited plan until 06/2019. I think that is really good customer service. Paying $99 for unlimited backups per year is really cheap.

I’ve been very happy with SOS Online Backup. I installed the client on my home server and that’s it. Since the unlimited plan is not available anymore I think it is a good time to look for a new backup service. I have few options on my mind but I’ll have to test the upload speeds and see how easy it is to setup automated backups that run every night.