Run MinimServer as Windows Service

I’m using MinimServer to stream music into different devices. Unfortunately it is a normal Java application and not a Windows Service. This means that in order to start it automatically someone needs to login to the machine. As I’m running it inside headless home server that is not possible. I needed a solution that would start it automatically when home server is started e.g. after Windows updates. What follows solves this problem.

Install MinimServer

  1. Install Java (MinimServer requires it, I used latest 64bit version as my OS is 64bit)
  2. Install MinimServer. I’m running it under my own account.
  3. Tell MinimServer where your music collection is and wait a bit for it to index it.

Normal steps, nothing special. After that make sure it works. I tested that I was able to stream music to my phone and computer (I used Windows Media Player). Finally shutdown MinimServer so you don’t have multiple instances running once you start to run it as a Windows Service.

Install MinimServer as Windows Service

  1. Download NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager
  2. Copy nssm.exe (I used 64bit version as my OS is 64bit) under C:\Tools.
  3. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  4. Navigate into C:\Tools folder
  5. Install new service by typing nssm install MinimService

Service Configuration

After you run nssm install MinimService command a dialog opens where you can configure various settings.


The Path points to location of javaw.exe, Startup directory is the lib folder of you MinimServer installation and Arguments are used to start the server.


I only changed the Display name setting.


I’m running the service under my own account because MinimServer is installed under my account. Just make sure the account you are using can access MinimServer files and your music collection.


I unchecked the Console window setting. There is no need to open console window as MinimServer doesn’t use it.

After these changes I clicked Install service. I tested this by rebooting my server and I was able to stream music just fine after that. No need to login into the machine.