New Home Server: Assembly

I think I assembled my first PC over 20 years ago. Not much has changed. You attach the CPU on the motherboard, use screws to attach the motherboard into the case and so on.

Motherboard and CPU

With my previous home server I remember how difficult it was to attach the CPU cooler into the motherboard. This time it was simple with Scythe Ninja 4. You screw in the back plate and after that attaching the heat sink is simple.

Motherboard with Ninja 4

Hard drives

In order to avoid resonance noise from the hard drives I used the rubber bands suspension mounting system in my Antec SOLO P150. I have used this type of system for years and it has worked without any problems. However I wouldn’t recommend moving your PC when using this type of mounting.

Hard Drive Mounting

Transferring old data

After attaching the PSU and cables and installing OS it was time to transfer the old data. Good think I have kept the C++ book all these years.

Transferring Files

Cable management

This is what my cable management looks like.

Cables everywhere

Luckily I’m able to run the cables behind a small shelf. The lower part of the shelf is hollow so there is plenty of room for cables and extension cords.

No more cables

Once you move the shelf in place there aren’t that many visible cables. The room is in the to be renovated list and hopefully we get into that before the summer. Then I have a chance to improve the current solution.

Server in place

Desktop and Server side by side

Finally the server sits right next to my desktop. The current desk I have is huge so there is plenty of room below it.