My Backup Strategy

My backup strategy is based on following:

  • Control - I want to be in control of the data that is important to me. I do use different cloud services but I don’t store important files in those services without having a backup.
  • Simplicity - Things should just work. I don’t want to fiddle with settings, keep checking whether my files have been backed up or spend time figuring out which device contains the latest version of the file.
  • Automated - It should be possible to automate the whole process. I run tasks periodically, when files change or according to a schedule.

With these ideas in my mind my backup strategy ended up looking like this:

Backup Strategy

As you can see the arrows only point in one direction. This is because I don’t have lot of need to sync files in both directions. I do have a free Dropbox account which I use to move small files between devices but I don’t consider that as a backup.



I’m using FolderSync to move photos from my phone to my PC. I don’t need to keep them on my phone because Google Photos allows me to browse them even though they are stored in the cloud.

Google Photos

I’m using Google Photos to store copy of my photos. The Desktop Uploader uploads new photos automatically. This way the originals are always on my computer and I can use the Google’s free unlimited plan.


I keep all the important files on my PC mostly because it is convenient and access times are fast. I’m using SyncBack Pro to mirror the files to a network share on my home server.

Home Server

Again I’m using SyncBack Pro to encrypt and pack the files before they are uploaded to my cloud backup provider.


So far this strategy seems to work. It is also easy to expand it to cover more devices/computers. The SyncBack Pro and FolderSync have excellent support when it comes to copying files using different protocols. E.g. SyncBack Pro already supports different cloud providers (Amazon, Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) and file versioning.

Hopefully this article gave you some ideas when it comes to backing up your important files!