How to get free Black Ops 3 beta code

In order to get access to the beta you need to pre-order the game. Unfortunately many stores require you to pay small amount of money which you’ll lose if you cancel the pre-order. So if you don’t like the beta you actually end up paying to try it. Let’s fix that.

Here is how to get the code for free:

  1. Buy the game from Amazon using your credit card. There won’t be any charge on your card before the game is shipped.
  2. Amazon will email the beta code to you via. Note that it might take up to 48 hours for you to receive the code. For me it took exactly 24 hours which means they probably send the codes once a day.
  3. Login to (You can use your PS4, Xbox or Steam account) and redeem your beta code.

If you don’t like the beta you can just cancel the preorder.